The October 16, 2012 Open House was attended by approximately 100 people, and there was lively discussion and much feedback shared throughout the evening.  During the month of October, an online survey gathered feedback from hundreds of additional residents.  All together, roughly 400 people provided their opinions on the best route and optimal design for a North Minneapolis Greenway. 

The overall feedback on the idea of a North Minneapolis Greenway was positive, with many enthusiastic reponses, some responses with concerns, and a few responses from residents who strongly disliked the general concept.

The preferred route was ‘Route A’ as shown on this map: http://www.minneapolismn.gov/www/groups/public/@health/documents/webcontent/wcms1p-099050.pdf

Route A includes Humboldt (north of Folwell Park) and would travel along Irving for most of the segment south of Folwell Park. 

The design that attracted the most enthusiastic support was the street-to-park Greenway conversion.  Because of the trade-offs involved in losing parking, this design was also strongly opposed by some residents.  In total, the number of positive responses significantly exceeded the number of unsupportive responses.  Below is a sampling of feedback on the street-to-park conversion design, including a mix of positive and negative responses.

  • This is a true bicycle highway.
  • I love it. North Minneapolis needs additional green space.
  • Attractive views from front yards
  • Enhances peace and quiet for those that own houses on the street.
  • Lots of green space, would look gorgeous.
  • I don’t like anything about it.
  • Lots of room for extras like playgrounds, benches and even veggie gardens.
  • Quieter & safer front yards for residents
  • I’m a runner and would use this often.
  • Opportunities for better health are critical for these neighborhoods.
  • Bring the community together with an open, safe place
  • This design seems by far the safest.
  • I think about my experience on the Victory Memorial paths, and it is really nice that there would be a significant amount of green space.
  • Provides space for family recreation and community building.
  • This is the dumbest idea anyone has come up with yet.
  • I would prefer to see most of the project completed in this format.
  • It would support neighbors getting out and visiting.
  • The best choice for the future of Minneapolis.
  • It’s nice, but if I lived on that street I would want to have my guests be able to park in front of my house.
  • More people-friendly, helps build community.
  • Open public spaces encourage community building and promote safer neighborhoods.
  • Like having a park in your front yard.
  • Calm and picturesque transportation route.
  • A benefit to the adjacent homes as well as the surrounding community.
  • A step in the right direction for our North Minneapolis neighborhoods.
  • A huge quality of life improvement for the area.
  • North Minneapolis needs linear community spaces like this.
  • It would feel safer to go for a walk along this route.
  • It’s actually a park.
  • Great, put one on my block.
  • This is the best option. I would gladly give up parking in front of my house so that I could have a full linear park design in my front yard. This is the dream! The option to have your front yard facing a park trail is almost nonexistent in the City of Minneapolis. I think that it is time this option is a part of the mix.

The next step for the planning process will be additional community meetings in early 2013.  To recieve more frequent updates on planning meetings, check our facebook page at   http://www.facebook.com/tcgreenways?sk=page_insights#!/tcgreenways

Thanks for following our progress, and thanks to all who participated in the Open House and online survey!

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