Twin Cities Greenways is a grassroots effort promoting the construction of greenway-quality trails to better connect the Twin Cities area. Our proposal is inspired by the tremendous success of the Midtown Greenway, and incorporates a street-to-park conversion similar to Milwaukee Avenue.  Our greenway design would enable the creation of linear parks that transform streets into community assets and improve access to existing parks and trails. For more detail on the basic concept, check out the “What is a Greenway?” page of the website.

Check out our video:

Twin Cities Greenways from TwinCities Greenways on Vimeo.


Greenway rendering - click to enlarge

We are proposing several corridors to connect the downtowns with north Minneapolis, south Minneapolis, northeast Minneapolis, and parts of Saint Paul. When combined with the existing trails, these new corridors will create a fast, safe, and pleasant system of off-street trails to encourage non-motorized transportation in the Twin Cities.


Photo credit: Anissa Thompson


The creation of a comprehensive and well-connected system of linear parks would provide a wide variety of benefits to the Twin Cities region. We outline these benefits in the “Why Greenways?” section of the website.

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